Where exactly is Erakor Island Resort?
Erakor Island is located just 5 minutes across the lagoon from the mainland and just 5 minutes by bus or taxi to the main town area of Port Vila. Our ferry operates 24 hours a day on request.

Does the resort allow day visitors?
Absolutely! Day visitors are welcomed on our beautiful island. You will be asked to purchase a ferry voucher on arrival to the jetty which is part redeemable for food, drink or pampering in our Essence Day Spa. Adults 2,000 VT ($30 AUD) and children 1000 VT ($15 AUD).

Do I need a visa to visit Vanuatu?
Visitors arriving on Australian and New Zealand passports, no. Most countries are visa exempt but do check that you have at least 6 months validity on your passport from your travel dates!.

Which airlines fly to Vanuatu?
Virgin Airlinesfly from Australia and New Zealanders can fly with Fiji Airways.  Air Calinalso flies from Noumea into Port Vila.

Do I need anti-malaria medication?
Some doctors will say yes, but cases of malaria are rare. If you plan to travel to some of the remote islands it may be wise.

Should I pack any other medical supplies?
Depends. There are three pharmacies in Port Vila that stock pretty much everything you can get at home but items will be more expensive because they have to be imported. If you think you may need things like Panadol, Bandaids, Imodium or Berocca, perhaps pack a little First Aid kit.

Are there any health risks I should be aware of?
Possibly coral cuts. If you get a scratch, coral dust can cause an infection so don’t ignore it if it happens. Coral cuts can be treated simply by cleansing with hydrogen peroxide and covering the cut.

Should I take out travel insurance?
Yes! The adage is true – if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind and to cover you for any unforeseen delays/cancellation of flights, accommodation, lost luggage or illness.

How is mobile telephony?
Surprisingly good! There are two providers in Port Vila: Digicel and TVL. Your phone can be activated for global roaming by your provider before you leave Australia but this can prove to be an expensive option. You can purchase a local pre-paid SIM card on arrival to make calls while you are here. The may be available in flight.

Where is the best duty free shopping?
There is a Duty Free shop on arrival to Port Vila at the airport but the range on offer is limited, If you are planning on making purchases it can be best to buy before you travel. There are also several excellent Duty Free shops in Port Vila for purchases before heading back home – we can point you in the right direction!

Can we drink our own Duty Free alcohol at the resort?
In your room or on your balcony, absolutely, but Duty free alcohol cannot be consumed in any of the public areas including the main beach areas or in the restaurant due to licensing restrictions.

Do I need an electricity adaptor?
Not on Erakor. Our power outlets are the same three-prong style as used in Australia and New Zealand.

Do I need to pack a hair dryer?
No. All our lovely villas have hair dryers as well as tea and coffee making facilities, towels and toiletries.

Should I pack some beach towels?
No need. Beach towels are available free of charge from our water sports hut on the island.

Should I pack snorkelling gear?
Possibly! The resort does have snorkel gear available (complimentary) but if you have your own we suggest that you bring in case we don’t have the correct size – and you may want to take a day cruise that offers snorkelling. If you have reef shoes bring those along as well.

Is breakfast included?
Yes. Tropical Island Buffet breakfast is served in Aqua Restaurant daily. Brekkie consists of tea, coffee, fruit juice, fruit, toast, muffins with an egg station and various hot sides. Breakfast is available from 7am until 10am.

How do we go about booking tours?
It’s simple… Just say hello to the friendly team at our Tour Hut and they will be able to answer all your questions and make the bookings for you.

What if I have special dietary requirements?
Please advise of any special dietary requirements you may have during your stay – our Chefs will do their best to meet any of your requirements.

Where can I put my personal belongings?
There are safes in some of our Villas but if you have something special that you would like secured just ask our managers to place your valuables in the safe in the Managers Office.

Does the resort provide babysitting?
We have wonderful, experienced baby sitters available – the fee is paid directly to your babysitter and the rate is 350vt an hour ($4) with a minimum booking time of three hours.

Does the resort have a Kids Club?
Yes. Our Koconut Kids Klub provides various age appropriate daily activities that might include basket weaving, island adventure walking, learning the local language and hermit crab racing. There’s also playground equipment.

How do I get around Port Vila?
Getting around Port Vila is very easy - you just hop a bus or hail taxi. The buses have a “B” on the number plate and you can just flag them down. It’s first on first off so you may take the scenic route to get where you are going but they do drop door to door (or town to wharf). A taxi is identified by a “T” on the number plate and you can flag them down. The driver will take you to your requested destination immediately but it can be best to ask for a price first. Buses cost 150 vatu ($1.80) to anywhere around Port Vila and 300 vatu to places outside the town limits like Mele Cascades, Hideaway Island or Mele Golf and Country Club.

What is the weather like?
Fabulous! Seriously, it is probably a lot more predictable than it is back home. Yes, there can be rain or tropical storms but they pass. The temperatures rarely go above the low 30’s or fall below 20 degrees. The summer months can be humid and make it feel a bit hotter - the winter months can be cool enough for a light jacket or long-sleeved shirt at night. The water temperature is fine for swimming year round (mid 20’s).

When is cyclone season?
There isn’t a ‘cyclone season’ as such. Yes cyclones do come and go but they don’t happen every year and they are not worth factoring in as a reason to travel or not.

What if I have questions not answered here?
Just drop us an email and we’ll do our best to answer!